About Us

Brand Story

“K-Beauty On” is a multi-brand Korean cosmetics store established in collaboration with the Korean government to introduce the world to the high-quality Korean cosmetics that are the cornerstone of the Korean Wave.
“K-Beauty On” leads a healthy and beautiful lifestyle through Korean cosmetics. We promote a healthy and beautiful lifestyle through Korean cosmetics and strive to introduce the value of Korean culture and beauty to the world.

We aim to establish ourselves as Korea’s representative beauty brand by promoting Korea’s diverse beauty and culture to the world.
To provide reliable cosmetics to our customers, we have carefully selected only products from famous Korean cosmetic brands whose ingredients and effects have been certified.


Ms. JungSook Chun


Vision & Social Value

“Our vision is to contribute to beauty and health while promoting Korean culture and values”

K-Beauty On” is at the forefront of introducing Korea to the Middle East in various fields, including promoting Korean culture, products, and entertainment in the Middle East through B2B and B2C.
We are strengthening networking with local organizations, relevant associations, and UAE opinion leaders.

KSIF Scholarship

K-Beauty On by KSOUK is sponsoring the King Sejong Institute Dubai.
We are supporting a scholarship program for students studying Korean culture and language at Sejong Institute Dubai.
This scholarship empowers students to fulfill their dreams while gaining a deeper understanding of Korean culture and language.