Cleansing Milk with Oat Kernel Oil 195ml



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Formulated with hydrating plant-based Phyto-Squalene, this nourishing cleansing milk will maintain your skin’s natural moisture barrier as it cleans. Oat Kernel Extract, a natural cleanser, helps minimise pores, lighten and improve skin tone, and energise dull skin for a smoother and brighter appearance.
Gently massage onto damp skin using outward circular motions. To remove makeup, gently massage with fingertips around the eye area until dissolved. Rinse with lukewarm water.

This cleansing milk has a unique milky, serum-like texture that transforms into a gentle oil that effortlessly dissolves and removes daily grime and makeup. Its elegant rosewood fragrance helps deliver a holistic cleanse that calms the mind and spirit as it cleanses.

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